Equipment Specification:

The Liechtenstein Princely Navy goes into battle on a purpose-built Combat Dragonboat that is driven by an X-Class V18 Twin-Shaft Kompressor engine and powered by direct-injected high octane Singha fuel.


Technical specifications:

Length 11.66 m (38'10")
Width 1.06 m (3'6")
Depth 43.18 cm (17")
Crew * 18 Sailors
* 1 Drummer
* 1 Steersman
Paddle stokes/min 75 max
Cruising speed (combat) strokes/min 72
Acceleration from 0 to crusing speed 20 strokes
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h up to six hours
Top speed (approx) km/h classified
Total displacement classified
Rated output (kW at rpm) classified
Fuel consumption (l/hr) 9.3
CO2 emission none
Turning cycle diameter (m) 45
Armaments * Vertical Launch Paddle Missiles
* Surface-to-Air Insults
* Radar-guided Abuse Defense
* Rapid-response Intimidation Bombs
* Aluminium Can Torpedoes

Braking System:
Sensotronic Brake Control, is an electrohydraulic braking system designed to reduce the vessel's stopping distance by optimising the brake force distribution between the paddles. Sensor-controlled intermittent drying of the paddles makes for a faster braking response in the wet, ensuring that the vessel always comes to a standstill before hitting the beach.

In the event of a sinking or roll-over, the vessel's occupants are protected by the high-buoyancy frame of the hull. The Navy has practiced controlled sinking manoevers in various conditions and all Sailors are familiar with the Navy's emergency sinking drill.

Space onboard is scarce. Designed as an 18-seater, the vessel's interior dimensions are exceptionally sparse.

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